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We live in a fast paced, all encompassing world and our lives' are a reflection of this. 

When it comes to entertaining, ease and convenience play a key role in designing  a

kitchen space. Open concept rooms are now needing a little more definition, this is

where the " beverage centre " comes in.

Today's homes are wide open,all inclusive living spaces that have zones within them.

The heart of the home is still the kitchen, but while entertaining guests, having a

beverage centre is a nice place to serve drinks, h'orderves and still be in the thick of


It can be a small unused nook or an expansive partitioned wall, whatever the budget, it

makes for a useful space that keeps guests out of the way for the host while keeping

everyone in the room involved.

Beverage centres are handy for the busy household with kids running in and out during

the summer months as well.  Keeping a mini fridge stocked with cold beverages and

quick snacks allows parents to prepare meals uninterupted while interacting with

everyone as they come and go.

We can easily incorporate a beverage centre into your home by blending what is

existing with the new to give a seamless look.

Make the most of your space, it may be a small addition but one that is noteworthy!