It's all in the details.

This statement sounds good but in fact can be quite misleading.

In cabinet designing/manufacturing, this statement is obvious as measurements,

color, material and size are all major details required to complete any job.

However, it is not all of what a consumer needs to know.

Building a trust with the company you are hiring to work for you and getting referrals

will keep you informed and in touch with everything that is happening.

The "details" can then be left to the professionals as long as they are the same ones

the client has expected to receive.

A professional cabinet maker will iron out every option and detail prior to the start of

production to ensure every area of the job has been addressed with the customer.

Hence, the end result are no surprises or disappointments!

A good tip to remember; never compromise efficiency in a space for total balance or

a trendy option.  Tis far better to have an efficient beautiful room (kitchen/bath/rec room)

than to have a nice room that doesn't function well.


We at Canaan bring much experience,capability and quality to the table, meeting your

expectations and needs right down to the last detail!



Here at Canaan, we believe that your home should reflect your own uniqueness. Which is why we take the time during our initial consultation to understand what makes you tick – we’ll determine your likes, dislikes, wants and desires. Our designers will then present you with a proposed design, without any commitment required so you can make the most educated decision possible. Sound good? Great! Are you ready to take the first step in getting the home of your dreams? Book your initial consultation with one of our designers today!

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