The desire to have a go to place, surrounded by the comforting lure of great aromas wafting throughout the home usually ends in our kitchen. Many a family, group, couple, regardless of the demographic say the same thing, it is the heart of their home.  The fall is a great time of year to return indoors and spend even more time gathering together in our kitchens.

The colours of fall also influence our trends in the kitchen and grey is still running well in the pack as is off-whites, cream and snow-white. These cabinetry colours paired with hints of the autumn colour wheel look stunning and warm.  These colour choices in cabinetry are interestingly familiar. Take for instance the fact that in past decades white and off-white cabinetry has always been in style;  that said, it is a wise choice for a kitchen because it will not be dated anytime soon.  Trends may come and go but longevity is what most people are looking to achieve when they decide to renovate.  By sticking with a very neutral foundation, you can change it up quite easily with some paint and decor while keeping the core colours the same.

Walk-in pantries are becoming a growing request since having everything handy in one location within the kitchen is optimal efficiency. Small appliances,stackables,and easy view storage all contained in one area makes organizing a cinch. Quartz is still a great choice for counter tops but so is butcher block and the laminates that are on the market today are surprisingly fresh. Taking the time to research all the choices on the market today is never wasted and if you do your homework early on, you will have a great start when you are ready to get the ball rolling.  Canaan Cabinetry has a wealth of knowledge on the latest products available and we would be happy to assist you.  Let us help you create a kitchen that only needs to ask, "what's cookin?"


Here at Canaan, we believe that your home should reflect your own uniqueness. Which is why we take the time during our initial consultation to understand what makes you tick – we’ll determine your likes, dislikes, wants and desires. Our designers will then present you with a proposed design, without any commitment required so you can make the most educated decision possible. Sound good? Great! Are you ready to take the first step in getting the home of your dreams? Book your initial consultation with one of our designers today!

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