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Conventional Kitchen

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Conventional Kitchen


A stunning kitchen that’s packed full of benefits awaits in this kitchen design. Our client had a few issues with their current kitchen layout, so we decided that a renovation was needed in order to best take care of their needs. Our design team worked with the client to determine their biggest concerns, sense of style, and what mattered most to them in a kitchen. Once the layout was approved, our team got to work on bringing the design to life!

Upon completion, the new kitchen is stunning! An exquisitely crafted range hood cover sits atop the stove, while distressed cabinetry and a contrasting countertop and backsplash add a sufficient amount of contrast to the space. Featuring a spice rack, anti-slam drawers and doors, and even a secondary wine rack, this kitchen has everything you’d need…and then some! Has this kitchen design ignited a few ideas in your mind? Our design team would love to create your dream kitchen for you! Book your free consultation today to get started.


Here at Canaan, we believe that your home should reflect your own uniqueness. Which is why we take the time during our initial consultation to understand what makes you tick – we’ll determine your likes, dislikes, wants and desires. Our designers will then present you with a proposed design, without any commitment required so you can make the most educated decision possible. Sound good? Great! Are you ready to take the first step in getting the home of your dreams? Book your initial consultation with one of our designers today!

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