When choosing a sink for your kitchen, it's important to consider a sink's colour, shape and material. Select a sink that will support the way your kitchen functions as well as the things you perform most often. An undermount or drop-in application is typically decided once the counter top has been selected, since the material chosen can limit which sink you can use.

The most popular sink today is still stainless steel. However, solid surface, granite and composite stone have gained popularity.

Stainless steel is the most popular because of its durability, price and ease of maintenance. It comes in different gauges so remember that, the lower the number, the thicker the steel. Any gauge higher than 18 should not be used because of the thinness. An undercoating applied to the underside is a good idea as this reduces (muffles) sounds so the sink isn't too noisy.

Solid surface (Corian/Affinity) are very easy to maintain and create a seamless integration so there is no place for dirt to accumulate underneath or in between the two surfaces.

Composite stones made of granite, quartz and slate are becoming more noticeable in homes today. They are an extremely hard materials that do not scratch easily and are warm to the touch.

Top mount or drop-in sinks are the easiest to install, but it takes time to seal the edges well to prevent dirt and water from getting underneath them.

Undermount sinks require a high level of expertise to install, but are generally cleaner and easy to maintain.

Apron/farmhouse sinks have seen a big surge in the market recently, especially when it comes to kitchens wirth a country or rustic kitchen style. They are generally deeper than average, while the faucets are mounted behind the sink directly onto the countertop.

When choosing your sink, you should consider the faucet as well. How much space is needed for them? How many holes do you need to drill?

Remember that even the best sink or faucet can have issues if not installed correctly. Take the time to ensure it has been installed properly and your sink and faucet should last a very long time without any problems!


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