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Kitchen|St. David's
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What We Did

Quality material and a superb layout are the focal points of this kitchen. Our client was in need of a full-size kitchen for their Airbnb space and were looking for a concept that could take advantage of the room’s layout while, at the same time, be durable enough to handle the high volume use that short-term rentals usually bring.

Upon the installation’s completion, the new kitchen encompasses a modern contemporary feel that pairs well with the door’s flat gala style. Furthermore, combining a robust decorative melamine door material and stunning quartz countertop means that the new kitchen is durable, easily maintainable, and is guaranteed to be a head-turner.

It also comes packed with features such as soft-close doors and drawers as well as custom rollouts for easily accessible storage. This highly durable and beautifully designed kitchen is sure to wow and delight guests for years to come.

The Details

Style: Contemporary
Category: Kitchen
Location: St. David's
Material: Decorative melamine
Countertop: Quartz.
Door Style: Flat gala
Unique Features: Built-in garbage & recycle cabinet, Soft-close drawers/doors, Custom door rollouts.

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