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Kitchen|Fort Erie
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What We Did

The latest design trends and exquisite detail are at the forefront of this recent kitchen project. Our client had recently experienced damage to their home and needed to rebuild as a result. When it came time to tackle the kitchen, our designers worked with the client to determine their biggest needs and design preferences. Once the layout was solidified and the materials were selected, our team got to work on bringing the plan to life.

Featuring an open concept, the new kitchen takes full advantage of all available space, with a centred island and modified U-shape layout. One of the many gems of this kitchen has to be the use of an emerging style in the industry appropriately titled modern farmhouse. This style is an offshoot of the country farmhouse style and is known for its use of both modern and traditional elements. 

In this kitchen, this contrast was achieved by using a shaker bevel styled door for the upper cabinetry that’s perfected with a stunningly sleek, arctic white finish. For the lowers, concord styled, distressed oak doors add the appropriate level of contrast that is perfectly tied in with a Calcutta laminate countertop from our friends at Empire Countertops. The end result? A kitchen that instils traditional elements with just the right blend of modern sophistication.

Has this emerging style sparked a few ideas for your own space? Our team would love to hear them!

The Details

Style: Farmhouse
Category: Kitchen
Location: Fort Erie
Material: Painted MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Countertop: Laminate.
Door Style: Shaker bevel
Unique Features: Beverage station, Spice pullout, Built-in garbage & recycle cabinet, Soft-close drawers/doors, Vintage edge.

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