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Laundry & Storage|St. David's
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What We Did

An elegantly functional laundry space and cubby corner await in this new build. While building their new home, our clients decided that the laundry room and adjacent space needed a touch of style and a whole lot more storage! Our team designed a solution, assisted in the material selection, and then the work began.

Once completed, the new area is absolutely spectacular! The two rooms flow seamlessly together and incorporate a transitional style that flows in conjunction with the rest of the home. Plenty of vanity storage and shelving was added to the laundry room, creating a clean, minimal look that allows for plenty of easily accessible storage. A sink and gorgeous backsplash do well to tie the room together.

Moving onto the next room, our team crafted a cubby corner that provides the home’s residents and guests with a dedicated space to hang coats, store shoes and any other items that need to be taken with them for the day. The unit packs plenty of dedicated individual storage as well as generalized pantry storage, ensuring that proper functionality will be maintained for years to come.

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The Details

Style: Transitional
Category: Laundry & Storage
Location: St. David's
Material: Painted MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Door Style: Shaker bevel
Unique Features: Bench seating with storage, Lockers.

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