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Living Room|St. David's
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What We Did

Extravagant detailing and versatile storage feature predominately in this living room. In addition to the other areas of their home, our client identified their living room as a spot that required storage and a place to display memorabilia as often befits the area. They were also looking for something that would pair well with their stone fireplace and tv centrepiece. Canaan then went about designing and installing two main features that pair well with the new area.

To the left of the fireplace, Canaan created a custom bench seating area that features a traditional design with a recessed panel door style and painted MDF countertop for the cushions to rest on.

To the right of the fireplace, our team created a fireplace unit that matches the design of the bench seat. The upper half of the unit features shelves to display items, while the remaining half features plenty of room for overflow storage.

The Details

Style: Transitional
Category: Living Room
Location: St. David's
Material: Painted MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Countertop: Custom.
Door Style: Recessed panel
Unique Feature: Bench seating with storage.

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